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RakDok (รักดอก)

The Designs: “Flowers for the Father”

  • 12 ตุลาคม 2020

This is a momentous time in Thai history.

    A time when flower vendors, flower arrangers as well as people not only from Bangkok’s biggest flower market but from all over the nation, put their hearts together to volunteer, to bring and to make the arrangements of six spectacular flower displays to honour and to show the greatest gratitude to the beloved King Bhumibhol. The display will officially be opened to the public during October 21st to 27th, 2017.

 1st Floral Station: Thais

    This floral tunnel is made in a form of flying cloth 89 metres in length, decorated initially with white flowers. The colour of the flowers gradually changes until they become the colours of the Thai national flag at the end. The arrangement implies that different people were born as individuals, but after spending their lives in Thailand during King Bhumibhol’s reign, “they” have become “we”. In addition, the 89 metre-length of the cloth represents the 89 years of His life.

During the display, visitors are invited to light candles while walking through the tunnel symbolizing that His words and his teachings were always able to keep Thai people safe and no matter how strong the storms were and will be, they will never be able to destroy the trust Thai people have held in Him, the trust that will stay in Thai people’s hearts forever.

2nd Floral Station: Rainfall

    This Lotus Flower Station is inspired by the wilt lotus offered to King Bhumibhol by the old Thai village woman known as “Yai Toom” or Granny Toom who patiently waited among other Thais in the hot sun to honour King Bhumibhol with the lotus she had picked up, and the King, regardless of how burnt and dry the lotus was, gently and lovingly accepted her flower.

His acceptance of her small, poor lotus offering was like the streams of love and care He had for His Thai people and shared similarities with rainfall which gives life to all plants, including lotus flowers, all over the nation. It is of some significance, that the lotus is a kind of flower Thais usually reserve as an offering to Buddha. Lotus flowers arranged in different steps also represent Buddha’s teachings which lead Thai people to live good lives from generation to generation.

3rd Floral Station: The Imprint

    This floral station is extraordinary, designed and arranged using a variety of chrysanthemums (called benjamas in Thai language) and other various kinds of cool-climate flowers from the breath-taking mountainous areas of the northern region of Thailand. In the past these flowers were not able to be grown in Thailand, but now are, under the King’s Royal Projects, and have been a major source of income for Thai hill-tribal agriculturists.

This arrangement represents the King’s caring and brilliant vision in transforming the poor and ruined ground affected by opium planting to be rich and productive. This vision has not only brought life back to the earth, but has also provided life-supporting sustenance to His beloved Thai people.

4th Floral Station: Home

    With 77 golden daffodils (called dararat in Thai language), the station is arranged to represent the everlasting love and gratitude of Thai people in the 77 provinces of Thailand towards King Bhumibhol, the Father of the nation, who throughout His life demonstrated continuous devotion to His beloved people.

The flowers also represent offerings of respect from individual Thai’s to the Father for His journey from His beloved nation to heaven, the place where He belongs.

5th Floral Station: “King Rama IX”

    Using thousands of marigolds (called daow-reung in Thai language), this station is radiant and beautifully arranged as floral curtain in King Bhumibhol’s colour, yellow. The Thai number nine (๙) which is clearly seen from the entrance of the station indicating the number of the King in the Chakri Dynasty.

In addition, the bright yellow colour of the marigolds represents the nation’s greatest period of peace and prosperity, which had not been attained in any former time, resulting in the King being referred to as ‘King of Kings’.

6th Floral Station: “Montharop”

    The station is designed to represent the gate to heaven with ‘montharops or heavenly flowers’ on the approach. According to Thai belief, montharops are sent from heaven to earth only when heaven acquires earth’s agony. Because the departure of King Bhumibhol from earth to heaven has caused Thai people to experience such great agony, heaven has sent montharops.

    Each side of heaven’s gate is decorated with cascades of white flowers and small groups of white elephants – the Kings’s creature, representing Thai people’s everlasting love, gratitude and respect for the King who is on His journey to heaven. It also represents the commitment and promises of Thais to observe and apply His policies to each day of their lives.


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